My first and only love MUSIC pt.1

I was always in love with music. I can remember when I lived in NY i used play alot of music and of course I still do. But in my mind the listening part is yes enjoyable because it covers all the moods but I want to create music and at least gain some fans while in the process. In 2012 I tried to make my first track on Music maker jam which is an application on windows and its available on android and I think on IOS. My first track was called abduction which had this nice ethereal vibe to it and I will re-do it on music maker jam and it will be available on youtube for listening / sharing purposes.  Why a re-do? well because it got deleted when my computer died and didn’t save it.  


If I had a tablet what I would use it for?

If I had a tablet( it doesn’t really matter what brand really) I would use it for reading. Why you might say? well here’s the answer. Because I’m becoming a total fan of reading( no sadly i can’t find a good book to read in spanish unfortunately i have to buy them.) But like I said in a previous post I would download Wattpad and Smashwords. I’m not a fan of E-books because you have to pay for them and with Wattpad you can  have FREE BOOKS and although you do pay for books on Smash(but that’s if you want to) their are free books too. They are from indie authors and you can write a review and rate it. On wattpad you  can vote and comment within the lines of the story( You’ll see what I mean once you become a member).

Free books rock and where to find them

So if your not spender or don’t order books online like me always try finding free books from indie authors. Well now you’re going to be asking yourself and me “where do you find them at?” well I found a couple of good ones in a website called Smashwords ( , wattpad ( (, figment( for all of you fan fiction writers I got a website for all of you maybe you have heard of it and if your new to fan fiction well this is the site for you ( and quotev(

Tablio has an aplication free for download only on iphone or ipad because its only available for IOS  only i know it because I tried it with my android phone.  Sorry Quotev  and Figment doesn’t have any app available for download but i wish they did. But as for Wattpad and Smashwords do have an app available for both Android and IOS.  

If I had a tablet how would I use it?

Hmm, that’s a good question for me in particular. Well I’ve been offered tablets by my dad and of course my phone company but I was never really into it because it don’t want to have to much charging tools and to have to much technology around me. Because I have my laptop and my phone to supply me well with my technological cravings. But even if i did take up the offer at that time I wouldn’t even know what to do with it( because i was so into my creative writing that I felt it would be just another digital distraction) But now thinking about it I would definitely use it   as an e-book just to satisfy my mental hunger and as well not to use my phone so much ( I wouldn’t mind wasting the battery with it and no I wouldn’t use the camera of it cause I don’t want to over load it with so many megabytes so then it wouldn’t be blocked from using it.). Would I play games with it? I think I would because that my other source of entertainment.

What genre of series I want to try to release in the mere future

Hmm, Well I definetly want to do one on Pirates not because I live in a town where the hometown basketball team is the pirates but because I’m a total fan of them because I love all that swashbuckling adventure- esque type of story telling whether if the pirate sleeps with a prostitute , hiding their treasure  or simply battling it out with either another pirate or even a privateer( they were paid to sink pirate ships by their government). Ok another one is an alternative history one where indians lived in peace without the interference of the europeans or where the USA never had slavery present, or where the USA elected their 1st black president in the 1800’s or where the USA  elected their 1st woman or latino president.  Well those are the ones I want to try to write out. Now I’m slowly developing the idea for a dark -urban fantasy one. So lets see how this one turns out.