Focuswriter: the app for concentration on writing

Well as I continue on my digital reimaging on Windows 10 i have added a new writing application that only concentrates on what I’m writing. Previously when I had Windows 8.1 I had downloaded a writing Application called WritePlus  which was a good app even if it was a trial version. This app helped me concentrate alot on my stories despite of me recopying / pasting it on words just to save it there. But yesterday I was in search for something similar to that or just to change my word processor so i started searching on youtube. I remembered that George R.R.Martin writes his novels of the song of Ice and Fire < game of thrones books>  in an old DOS machine with the word processor called WORDSTAR 4 <in which it doesn’t exist anymore > then i started to look at a word processor called Libre Office 5.0 and I downloaded but then uninstalled it because it  couldn’t convert my documents to  RTF OR . DOC and not only that I still got excessively distracted by the start button and google chrome button that is placed in my taskbar < yes I know you might say “yeah but unplug it there so you won’t be distracted> but i’ll leave it there . So I finally downloaded Focuswriter just to only concentrate on writing and i don’t have a problem on putting it to words because everytime I write a few sentences on my novel it updates it on there< but for that you have to go to prefrences and put an automatic update>. 


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