MySpace: The forgotten website

Today I will write about MySpace yes that MySpace that was  ever oh so popular in the early 2000’s. Back then in I’d say in early 2004 or 2003 I became a hardcore fan of MySpace and so was everyone else before Facebook came along. I used to use it a lot.  I used it like most of the websites  for my writing. I used to have a blog there. Do I miss the glory days of MySpace? Yes I do. Now since I was a hardcore fan of MySpace I used to get constant requests on pimping out their pages. I even felt like paying them for each page and how they wanted it but I never did it. Now looking back on it “I really should’ve done it.” So ever since Facebook has been around MySpace is a long forgotten website  that even hardcore fans of it has forgotten it. When FaceBook came around I honestly didn’t want it, but I gave into the darkside < like they say.> Now if your a person who is weird  that doesn’t have a FB page and has a MySpace page  good at least your escaping  a whole lot of drama but don’t say this 

“Well my MySpace page is so and so” because the person  would look at you weird and say “Actually I mean your FaceBook Page. ” MySpace is used mostly by Musicians (both independant and dependant). 


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