Why I don’t write Zombie novels or books?

I find writing Zombie novels because i find the whole concept in human survival on the subject is boring. Also the whole thing about  shooting  zombies and the zombies eating flesh is boring.   The sub- genre of  the undead in the genre  of horror to me is boring.  Now  I have  watched , read  and  tried to write  about zombies but to me the watching part is boring no matter how much action, sex and violence  it has it stills bores me to death.  The reading part of Zombies also bores me. The writing part  forget it; it bores me to.   The sub- genre of the  Undead  is the only sub-genre that I can’t get along with in the  genre horror. I can read horror stories that contain ghosts , demons, romance and etc but zombies  i think i’ll pass it.


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