Do I like reading Mangas?

I do love reading Manga’s. For the one’s who don’t know what a Manga is well its a Japanese comic book that’s read Right to left which is not the same an American comic book like Marvel, DC, IMAGE, DARK HORSE ETC.

What got me to love reading Manga?

I’m a fan of comic books period. But to further or expand my curiosity I decided to check Manga’s because some of the Anime’s are based on the Manga’s. Like for example the Anime Fairy tale is based on the Manga.

What format would I read in a Manga?

As I said before in my entry on Anime which was complete well with the Manga is the same. Why should I wait on a new Manga volume to come out if I can just read it completely.

Where do I read my manga’s?

Well I don’t buy Manga’s  because I would have to get the rest of the manga’s online. I read my or if I would want to read one is 


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