Do I watch Anime? Or do I like anime?

I like certain Anime’s not all of them. Do I watch them? Nope. I mean I may watch one if I get really bored in watching series. I’m not a total addict to it. But when It comes to Manga’s yeah. But I’ll leave that for another entry. Now back with the Anime entry. 

What Anime’s do I like?

Well, mostly action, Fantasy, Supernatural,Mystery, Science fiction and Adventure because I find them interesting. Anime does beat the heck out of the regular cartoons that a child would watch. 

What form of anime would I watch?

Simple, the completed one. I for one hate waiting for example episode 19 came out this week and wait another month or years for episode 20,21,22 or 23 to come out. I rather have just a one shot  deal right then and there.

Where do I watch my anime’s if I would watch it?

Well mostly people would search it on YouTube or Crackle but I watch it on  or on < check out those links in case if your an anime fan girl or fan boy or if your like me and would like to just check it out.>  I’m not the type to search it on YouTube because I watch other things there and I like to keep my things separate.  

So there you have it.



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