My love for the fae

I’ve always been fascinated by they lore or myth of the fae (fairies). I guess you cold say it started with the 1980’s film called Willow, then this got my attention with the movies Lord of the Rings and the hobbit ( all though I remember very distantly the cartoon way before the movie and when i heard that the movie was coming out, it kind of woke up the distant memory of me seeing the cartoon. The cartoon came out in 1977 in case your wondering).  I’ve always been in love with  Celtic music and since I didn’t know alot about the mythology I decided to investigate it and found some cool info.  I really want to create a fantasy involving just the fae < as the scots and Irish call it> but right now i got my hands really full with the project I’m working with but since I’m always filling my plate I guess I’ll give it a shot and if it doesn’t work I’ll just delete it  or just leave it alone and come back to it much later. 


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