Possible deletion of the WIX STORY WEBSITE

Well at the beginning of February I created my website in an old website that I used to use ( like in 2010) which is http://www.wix.com < in case if any one would like to check out.  The website which is called “Storyville”was to be solely created with the intention of just being a website that is focused on only short stories. At 1st the ideas was cool and new but then again my brain was speaking to me and saying “no crystal do that anthology of short stories that you wanted to do from the get go and avoid getting plagiarized in the process.” So I guess I’ll do that instead. I’ll be deleting the website very soon because I don’t want someone else claiming that the wrote those short stories as their own.  But THE BLOG OF STORIES WILL STAY BECAUSE I WANT YOU GUYS TO READ THEM AND WELL TO COMMENT TO SEE IF U LIKE THEM OR HATE THEM OR EVEN GIVE ME SOME FEED BACK INTO CHANGING SOME PLOTS AND TWISTS WITHIN THE STORIES.  



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