The movie Inhumans canceled and as to why it would make tons of sense into turning it into a series


As we found out in recent days that the movie Inhumans was canceled due to well the indecision of fox and marvel coming to a decision to continue or cancel it fully.  First of all The movie Inhumans wasn’t going to work why? because in the comics and in the series of MARVEL AGENTS OF S.H.I.E.L.D. have so many Inhumans(aliens) both of villian and hero sectors. I’m appaluding this because the movie would seriously fail at the box office just like the movie MORTAL INSTRUMENTS < in which should’ve been pulled by the movie company from the get go, THANK GOD IT WAS MADE INTO A SERIES BECAUSE NOW WE CAN UNDERSTAND WHAT THE HECK IS GOING ON IN THE SHADOWHUNTER WORLD>.  Now this is just my opinion , they should make the Inhuman comic franchise into a series like the did with agents of shield because that was basically a spin off to the movie.  For me it would be cool to see how it plays out on the small screen than on the big screen instead of dividing it into 3 movies.

Now as to what networks or internet streaming service  should pick it up  well I’m not rooting for the big tv networks like NBC, CW, ABC, CBS to pick it up because they got their plates filled with their own series. But I’m totally down for  probably Hulu or Netflix to turn it into an original series. 


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