When it comes to coloring in any coloring book

Well I’ve been a fan of coloring books way before the coloring book craze for adults. I’m honestly  NOT against the whole coloring book phenomenon. For me this adult coloring book craze isn’t a phenomenon its bee FORGOTTEN because everyone thinks that at 21 you’re considered an adult and is supposed to know who to handle situations rationally WRONG! according to an article that I read in a website is that we people mature at 30 YEARS OLD who do you think relationship pyschologists say WE PEOPLE SHOULD MARRY AT 30 but this also applies for us single people. Ok I went off topic sorry now getting back to the topic at hand.


When it comes to coloring in my coloring books I don’t use your common colors for example I don’t color a tree brown or the leaves green, yellow, brown, or red. NO I use colors that are less thought of in using. For example I can color a tree blue, the leaves pink, black, gray or even purple.  I tend to go  off normality and tend to go into wierdness and I guess now I’m going to mention some astrology on this part here and its because I attribute this to Uranus< planet of rebellion, weirdness and unconventional methods> being in my 5th house< creativity and fun> and this means:

“The placement shows you are a highly inventive and creative person. Yet you may need to learn self-control, and perhaps gain a better sense of self-knowledge. You can be reckless and foolhardy. Urges toward speculation can be costly. You have strong urges to be free and independent.”

So for me coloring the pictures differently is attributed to this astrological perspective. 





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