The libreoffice / Focuswriter connection

So although I have Microsoft office as a program to write, calculate and to do presentations and I find it good but yesterday I was just poking around youtube and although i had come across the LibreOffice video before while looking for a distraction free program called Focus writer  to write out my Godzilla sci-fi project as well as my short stories. So yesterday I downloaded LibreOffice and when it finally finished downloading  the program  I decided to run a few test with the Focus Writer.  So since I had started to write my 1st volume of short stories in Focus Writer I saw that it worked with LibreOffice. Then I decided to do save a blank document and it did save it but it gave me the options to convert it either to ODT(OPEN DOCUMENT TEXT) or RTF(Rich Text Font) so I chose RTF and it didn’t let me open  what had saved in that Document. So today I decided to do a re-try and this time I chose the ODT format and when I opened the document on Focus Writer it saved what I wrote on LibreOffice. 

Do I recommend LibreOffice  with Focus Writer? Yes I do. 


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