Distraction free writing softwares

Distraction Free  writing Softwares are softwares that you use for writing stories, blogs, poems and etc.  Now I know that some authors don’t use this  to write their stories they might use microsoft or even LibreOffice  as their writing processor or as George R.R. Martin uses which is a Wordstar 4.0 wordprocessor.  Anyways some authors use what they call nowadays A DISTRACTION FREE WRITING SOFTWARE  in which enables them to focus them more on what their writing. I know of 3 distraction free writing softwares and they are:

  • Focuswriter: Available for free or at any price you want dowload at:  http://gottcode.org/focuswriter/  < this is the one I use and you can automatically link it to both words and Libreoffice>.


  • Omm writer: Now this distraction free writing software is only available  window users and it depends on the price you want it here’s the website if your interested: http://www.ommwriter.com/en/download.html 



  • Poe: This has no website. I actually downloaded it on my windows store because I have Windows 8.1 and this only accepts  Text document form when you want it to autosave into wordpad. I used it and didn’t like it much.

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