Mouses: the evolution



Mouses have been mainly synonymous with the desktop computers not so much with laptops due to for them having the track pad. But I have the very mouse that you see there. Its comfortable to use and the good thing is that its portable so i can take it with me with my Laptop. I do like using the track pad don’t get me wrong but I mainly use the mouse when I’m drawing or if i have to scroll down for when i’m reading articles.  There are a variety of mouses to choose from but I mainly use Logitech because I find those mouse cute and affordable to use and yes this brand is compatible for windows and mac.  I bought the one you see for about 20 bucks which is a good price range. And yes its compatible with Windows 10.  


If you guys didn’t know or do know the first computer was available for usage back in the 1980’s. Theses guys were actually big towers that had tons of wires connected to it and were all in one room. A lot of people were actually afraid of them and these suckers were expensive to have. You had to be rich in order to afford them, but that all changed with guys like Bill Gates and Steve Jobs. These guys said ” ah, you know what lets invent our own and make both descent sized and affordable for people to own in their own houses. Thus the computer were born…. now back to the mouses, when they first invented their computers they obviously had to have a mouse. These mouses were of course attached with a wire on the back of the computer because without it  it wouldn’t work. They essentially looked somewhat abnormal and were a little bit uncomfortable. I should know my family had a dell desktop computer.


 But yeah thank god the mouses have evoultionizes since then. Now you have wireless and USB/ Operateable  mouses. I mean yes they still do have the wire connected mouse and really I never used one with my laptop but other people have. 

So I’m out please leave a comment or like for this post and I’ll see you guys on my next post.

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The hybrid




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