Ok  for those who aren’t familiar with that term “NANOWRIMO” it means ” NAtional NOvel WRIting MOnth” and the book has to be 50, 000 words in order to get it published and read by other writers. This event is usually held in the beginning of november and the deadline for this competition is November 30. But for me NANOWRIMO is good for seasoned writers( writers who write all the time) or those who want to become writers. Now What to do when NANOWRIMO is done?

CONTINUE WRITING! If you are an up and coming writer keep writing. You don’t need NANOWRIMO  to get back into writing your book or to start another one. You should always be writing even its an idea for an up and coming book. I write all the time whether its ideas for my monster project or ideas for an up and coming novel. I’m always writing and like now that I’m working on my current book I keep writing so I can get it done.


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