Vampires have been in our imagination, movies, stories, series and history for as long as we can remember. The vampire lore stretches way back to medieval times why you might as? Well it all got started with a guy named Vlad Tepes or as he came to be better known as Vlad the impaler.  You see his dad Vlad the 2nd was king of a kingdom called Wallachia ( pron: WA-LA-KIA) which is located in modern day Budapest, Hungary or as it came to be known in books Transylvania. Well back then people were superstitious and had faith to kind of mitigate or make disappear the superstition. So in his case his family were a Christian family and well the didn’t dislike the Muslims that much and his kingdom had been fighting the ottoman empire for years but they called themselves the Turks, and as we know the Turks from back then as well now were Muslims.  So his father belonged to the ancient order of the Dragon(OR SECRET SOCIETY) and he was called Vlad Dracul. He had this medallion that was given to him by the order and it had to images carved into it. One side had a cross representing God and the other was the dragon representing Satan. When his father died he gave the medallion to his son Vlad Jr.  He always had it on his neck  and he would always play with it and if it landed on the side of the crucifix he would intentionally change it to the dragon side.  Well in the status of war he would capture those turkish soliders and well impaled them for fun ( hence the name he was given by the Turkish soliders) and after he would impale them he would ultimately drink their blood and well he had cannabalistic tendencies and he would eat their body parts as well. It has been said that when he died he didn’t “die” he was resurrected and what was actually found in his coffin was rat bones and not  human bones.  Well Bram Stoker who wrote  the famous 19th century gothic novel called ” Dracula” was based on Vlad’s vampiric tendencies. But  when Bram Stoker was asked as to where he got the inspiration fr writing “DRACULA” he simply said “I was visited by a mysterious man who told me about his life in the medieval times and how he made a pact with the devil thus raising from the dead” Could’ve been that the man who visited him was Vlad the Impaler or as he was called in the hungarian tongue ” Vlad Dracula: son of Vlad Dracul”? I guess we’ll never know. 

Ok another historical figure who had vampiric Tendencies  was Elizbeth Bathory or as she was better known as ” the Blood Countess of Hungary” well with this one I’m going to keep it short and not bore you guys with so much details on her life. OK here I go:

Well the reason she became a ” vampire” in her own right was because she would go on to murder about a good 20- 60 maidens(or young girls). She would kill them for pleasure or as she would put it ” to stay forever young”, her preferable method was to bathe in their blood< yeah I know it sounds like it was pulled out of a movie or a chapter from a book>. Well she was eventually convicted to solitary confinement and Died. 

Well in my MONSTER PROJECT  my Vamps are yes blood suckers but only allowed to suck animal’s blood because if they even think about sinking their teeth into a human’s neck( from both Earth and Eventanium) they would die. Their blood acts like a virus that would attack directly their brain and they would end up as what I like to call a ” Psycho Vamp”. Well the only way they would instanteanously cured by draining the blood of pixies. 


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