How I will plan the new version of Little red riding hood story?

Well as soon as I finish My series of Sleepy hollow I will do a newer version of Little red Riding hood. Now I know that there have been many versions of this story. Ok for example they took the typical hunter route with the sci-fi movie called Red: werewolf hunter < where little red riding hood is a werewolf hunter>. The sci-fi horror movie red riding hood where she falls in love with the werewolf and has sex then having his child.  But I want to take the friendship route with these 2 characters and as for the hunter he’ll play as the boyfriend of little red riding hood who doesn’t like her Bestie who is a born she-wolf.  

OK now as for Little red riding hood what name shall I give her and is she going to be a typical white girl like in other  remakes of both movie or stories with the last name red? Maybe but as for her being Irish, English, Scottish heck no. 

My little red riding hood is going to be bi-racial and Hispanic. Her father is going to be Puerto Rican and her mom will be African american and as for her hunter boyfriend he  is going to be an oriental dude and as for her she-wolf best friend she’s going to be full Hispanic ( half Cuban- half boricua). Now as for the location of the story I might set it in San Francisco, CA.  So now you know. Now as in what form I might do it  might be in the same   format as Sleepy hollow which is a serial ( season 1 episode 3< that kind of style>). 


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