If I were to write an Erotica

Now as we all know or don’t know Erotica’s are porn written in books. Now the majority of them are filthy and are filled with people’s sex fantasies being accomplished left and right. Some are straight vulgar and graphic while other’s are so boring to even read. Erotica’s have been more popular now THAN BEFORE because of the 50 shades of grey trilogy. But for me and others who have read Erotica’s ( and excellent written ones) are no strangers to Erotica’s. Now as for me as an author if I were to write an Erotica it would have to be humorous because I see sex as something humorous. I mean even when people are going to have it they experience mishaps here and there. I might write an erotica short story in my erratic writer blog here on WordPress. 


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