Alright people lets talk about werewolves. Now lets start with the historical/ mythological side of these lycans.

King Lycan was the 1st human turned into a werewolf due to him killing his a child as an offering to him. 

Now in the grim brother’s tale of little red riding hood where a peasant girl dresses in her red hood to go to her grandmother’s house which was located in the woods. When she arrived there she discovers that her grandmother was lying in bed then during the trans course of the story she discovers that her grandmother was eaten by the werewolf and then she gets eaten herself. But then the hunter arrives and kills the werewolf  and saves both her and her grandma. 

Now lets go into the myth why  a person turns into a werewolf when there is a full moon?

Well its simple really the moon is the queen of emotions, it governs the tides of the oceans.  When a person is bitten or is sexually intimate with a person who is a werewolf  yes they’re bitten and although they don’t feel the effects of being a werewolf just yet they are still going to become one. On the week when the full moon does arrive that’s when everyone around you will have to worry about you.  

Now lets get into the reason why a werewolf gets killed by a silver bullet and as to who does the killing?

Well the person who does the killing is someone who really loved the werewolf even way before they got bitten and became the wolf. ” Only a true love can kill the werewolf no matter how much it will hurt them.” < that’s a saying that applies in this situation. Ok now for the silver bullet part:

As we know that  Jesus was sold for 30 pieces of silver by his most trusted disciple Judas Iscariot and so silver is considered to be  forbidden. But in reality the main chemical that makes up  silver is a plant called AMBROSIA < now this plant comes in different colors and it goes by 2 names Monks hood and Night shade. I’ve seen the amber colored one as well.> This plant is actually a poisonous plant that is quite harmful for us humans to. It can be turned into a powder< well if you study alchemy then its possible>. It instantly kills a human being. So hunter use Silver to kill the werewolf.

Now in my monster project My werewolves can’t be killed by a silver bullet. My werewolves are born werewolves and don’t need to get bitten and wait for a full moon to turn into it. 






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