My halloween specials

Well initiating this series has always been a problem because:

  1. I start it in May so that I can release it on Halloween but I can’t because the stories are to damn long.(Yes my writing has a 9th month period goal in which i set myself to complete. I think like a pregnant woman that’s about to give birth.)
  2. The stories are too damn long. Well I try to write them in short story form but my short stories are more like novel stories which are long.
  3. My desires in writing it fades quickly as soon as I start it. 
  4. I would NEVER EVER  find a perfect cover for it.


My reason for doing Halloween specials is well for everyone to read a good batch of Halloween short stories especially on this holiday< for those who prefer the literal fun instead of the cinematic and partying fun>. Well in reality is that I’ve always wanted to read a book that contained just Halloween stories not a sequence of horror stories. When I began my quest in looking for free books to read I never saw a book on Halloween based short stories so I decided to write some of my own but like I posted up top it would always fail. I mean yes I have focused writing software to ULTIMATELY CONCENTRATE ON WRITING(FOCUSWRITER <THIS IS WHAT I USE BUT THERE ARE OTHERS>) but my desire fall flat on its butt.  But now that 2017 is coming I think i’m getting back to my old self again< no more writer’s block or distractions> so I think  I’ll get back to it.


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