A better way to plan for NANOWRIMO

As we all know that NANOWRIMO takes place at the beginning of november and all of the authors who do enter this competition must have their novels finished by November 30 and to be ” published” on Dec. 1. Now  to the authors who aren’t seasoned authors( meaning who have been writing for so long) this adds preoccupation to them because they are going to be sitting on their butts cranking out ideas then to write out the full novel so that they have to post it on NANOWRIMO day.

On how to mentally prepare yourself for this competition.

  1. Remember that writing is a passion that can’t be tamed.
  2. Continue writing even if NANOWRIMO is done.

I suggest what I call the 9th preparation for your novel. OK I might go deep into this next entry but as we look into this competition astrologically this falls under the signs of Scorpio and Sagittarius. The only way to have someone or in this case a book to be released on November is to start it (or fall pregnant) at the end of Feb. to the beginning of March. Why the 9 month process to just release one book on NANOWRIMO?

WELL think about it mathematically 5+4=9 right, so  you can spend the first  5 months developing ideas  and the  4 months writing your novel in order to release it on NANOWRIMO.


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