For me when a deadline comes for my novels I use astrology

Well I’ve creating Ideas left and right. But when I do decide in releasing  a novel I use the 9 month plan. Ok so let me explain:

So way back when I figured out when women got initially pregnant in order to have their baby in the months January- December. But most importantly I ‘m a fan astrology so I use astrology or the 9 month plan to start my novel. Ok so say if I want to release the infamous novel called “Halloween special” on Halloween I would have to look towards what month officially the woman would’ve gotten pregnant at so she can have her baby under the sign of scorpio. So If I were to release the 1st series of the book “Halloween special” on halloween I would have to start busting out my ideas or the writing process in February.

I would also apply this to any of my novels really because I would either use the 1st 5 months putting the idea together then the 4 months putting the chapters together or the first 5 months writing it out and the 4 months cranking out ideas. It depends really on which I want to do first. But this mostly applies to the authors who want to compete in the competition called NANOWRIMO (CHECK MY ENTRY ON THAT). 


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