What to get your significant other on Valentines day

So Valentines day is a week away (wow that was fast). A lot of people give their significant other (Boy friend , wife, husband, girlfriend) the typical gifts which is obviously chocolates, a letter professing their love for each other( or even a poem… I don’t know if they do that anymore) and teddy bears but what if you were dating a book nerd? What kind of book would you get for him or her? Well for one thing don’t get them a repeated book. Make sure you take a picture of the library of books (even if its a series of 14 books) so that they don’t have even a repeated series because happily speaking they will sell it to some one who does have it.  Now I’m not saying that giving your significant other or friend chocolates, teddy bears or even a poem is wrong its just a thought to think out of the box when it comes to Valentines day. Sometimes when love comes around you got to get both creative and inventive to keep the flame of love ALIVE or EVEN THE DESIRE OF KEEPING YOU ALIVE even if your in the process of making him or her part of your life (EVEN IF ITS FOR A COUPLE OF YEARS).


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