What to read on Halloween

Now for those who know and don’t know I’m a total fan of Halloween. I have this tendency of watching movies and even create music on the subject. But ever since I could remember going on Wattpad or even on Smashwords I’ve always wanted to read Halloween based books and so I’ve kind of tried to find the ” perfect” genre of fiction for the holiday. I did and it was and always is Horror. Why Horror you might say? Well basically it does cover the spectrum of the supernatural more than the other genres in fiction. Like for example Fantasy( which is my obessed favorite branch in fiction) it only uses horror very loosely or as I like to call as a sub-genre. Horror is always a favorite  for any human being whether if your watching it or reading it. Horror provides us with respect for the supernatural beings and the good thing is that on Smash words it has sub-genres. Well in the website I’m creating I have the branch of fiction divided into 3 sub-genres (No halloween isn’t in it) and they are:

  1. Paranormal(Ghosts)
  2. Vampires
  3. Werewolves
  4. Undead(Zombies). 




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