My journey into my family tree

Now I’ve been a fan of genealogy, you can see me  watching the  WHO DO YOU THINK YOU ARE? and Genealogy roadshow. But when I do see these shows I’m luck ” Damn their lucky to even find out who their related to even if the person isn’t in the history books.” Then I think ” Damn I wish I could do that.” And oh lord and behold I have been doing it. Well I got started last year(2016) by pure casualty. You see on Facebook I belong to a group where my extended family is added to and someone within the group put a website where any one can find their extended families… This website is similar to Ancestry .com  and it was through that website( not ancestry) that I found my family on both of my parents side. How did I feel when I found them? I felt well good cause now I know their names and where they lived (Because its very hard to find records of family members  or other people here in PR because supposedly they were burned down or because of the hurricane season also here in PR or in any Latin country the residents use their maternal last names as well because its all about family.)   I was like ” OK, no one famous (because in latin american history their are famous people like: Hernan Cortez, Juan Ponce De Leon{He was Puerto Rico’s first governor but he moved to Mexico afterwards oh and little known fact his wife didn’t want to move to the new world}), which is important to me. 



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