What genre of series I want to try to release in the mere future

Hmm, Well I definetly want to do one on Pirates not because I live in a town where the hometown basketball team is the pirates but because I’m a total fan of them because I love all that swashbuckling adventure- esque type of story telling whether if the pirate sleeps with a prostitute , hiding their treasure  or simply battling it out with either another pirate or even a privateer( they were paid to sink pirate ships by their government). Ok another one is an alternative history one where indians lived in peace without the interference of the europeans or where the USA never had slavery present, or where the USA elected their 1st black president in the 1800’s or where the USA  elected their 1st woman or latino president.  Well those are the ones I want to try to write out. Now I’m slowly developing the idea for a dark -urban fantasy one. So lets see how this one turns out. 


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