If I had a tablet how would I use it?

Hmm, that’s a good question for me in particular. Well I’ve been offered tablets by my dad and of course my phone company but I was never really into it because it don’t want to have to much charging tools and to have to much technology around me. Because I have my laptop and my phone to supply me well with my technological cravings. But even if i did take up the offer at that time I wouldn’t even know what to do with it( because i was so into my creative writing that I felt it would be just another digital distraction) But now thinking about it I would definitely use it   as an e-book just to satisfy my mental hunger and as well not to use my phone so much ( I wouldn’t mind wasting the battery with it and no I wouldn’t use the camera of it cause I don’t want to over load it with so many megabytes so then it wouldn’t be blocked from using it.). Would I play games with it? I think I would because that my other source of entertainment.


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