The advantage of connecting your android phone to your youtube account

Well not a lot of vloggers use this technique and honestly I think I’m the only one that uses it. This technique is if I don’t have my trusty camera I have my android phone to record basically well anything. How did I came up with this idea? Well when I had my galaxy s6 edge I said to myself when I have the spinoff  of the S6 EDGE which is the S7 EDGE I decided to connect my gmail account to the phone  so I won’t have to create another one. 

When I do use my camera I’m not used to carrying it with me because sometimes it becomes a hassel and don’t get me wrong I’m not the type to spend time to edit my videos I just don;t like carrying it with me I’m like that. So if I have to vlog an event or even if my camera battery is dead I can just use my phone to vlog anything.  

Vloggers who vlog don’t use their phones that much because it really depends on the brand of the phone ( it could be either an Iphone or an Android). But those people who do have an Android phone I believe that they should connect their gmail account to their phone.  But if you do have an android  and want to continue vlogging because  your camera battery died and you feel like charging it  make sure that the camera quality is good. How do I make sure of this? simple I always go by looking at unboxing new celphones and also watch videos in where the reviewers check the camera quailty< this should be important to those that choose to vlog through their phone if their camera battery died or if you just want to vlog through there instead of the camera>.


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