If I had a tablet how would I use it?

Hmm, that’s a good question for me in particular. Well I’ve been offered tablets by my dad and of course my phone company but I was never really into it because it don’t want to have to much charging tools and to have to much technology around me. Because I have my laptop and my phone to supply me well with my technological cravings. But even if i did take up the offer at that time I wouldn’t even know what to do with it( because i was so into my creative writing that I felt it would be just another digital distraction) But now thinking about it I would definitely use it   as an e-book just to satisfy my mental hunger and as well not to use my phone so much ( I wouldn’t mind wasting the battery with it and no I wouldn’t use the camera of it cause I don’t want to over load it with so many megabytes so then it wouldn’t be blocked from using it.). Would I play games with it? I think I would because that my other source of entertainment.


What genre of series I want to try to release in the mere future

Hmm, Well I definetly want to do one on Pirates not because I live in a town where the hometown basketball team is the pirates but because I’m a total fan of them because I love all that swashbuckling adventure- esque type of story telling whether if the pirate sleeps with a prostitute , hiding their treasure  or simply battling it out with either another pirate or even a privateer( they were paid to sink pirate ships by their government). Ok another one is an alternative history one where indians lived in peace without the interference of the europeans or where the USA never had slavery present, or where the USA elected their 1st black president in the 1800’s or where the USA  elected their 1st woman or latino president.  Well those are the ones I want to try to write out. Now I’m slowly developing the idea for a dark -urban fantasy one. So lets see how this one turns out. 

My journey into my family tree

Now I’ve been a fan of genealogy, you can see me  watching the  WHO DO YOU THINK YOU ARE? and Genealogy roadshow. But when I do see these shows I’m luck ” Damn their lucky to even find out who their related to even if the person isn’t in the history books.” Then I think ” Damn I wish I could do that.” And oh lord and behold I have been doing it. Well I got started last year(2016) by pure casualty. You see on Facebook I belong to a group where my extended family is added to and someone within the group put a website where any one can find their extended families… This website is similar to Ancestry .com  and it was through that website( not ancestry) that I found my family on both of my parents side. How did I feel when I found them? I felt well good cause now I know their names and where they lived (Because its very hard to find records of family members  or other people here in PR because supposedly they were burned down or because of the hurricane season also here in PR or in any Latin country the residents use their maternal last names as well because its all about family.)   I was like ” OK, no one famous (because in latin american history their are famous people like: Hernan Cortez, Juan Ponce De Leon{He was Puerto Rico’s first governor but he moved to Mexico afterwards oh and little known fact his wife didn’t want to move to the new world}), which is important to me. 



What to read on Halloween

Now for those who know and don’t know I’m a total fan of Halloween. I have this tendency of watching movies and even create music on the subject. But ever since I could remember going on Wattpad or even on Smashwords I’ve always wanted to read Halloween based books and so I’ve kind of tried to find the ” perfect” genre of fiction for the holiday. I did and it was and always is Horror. Why Horror you might say? Well basically it does cover the spectrum of the supernatural more than the other genres in fiction. Like for example Fantasy( which is my obessed favorite branch in fiction) it only uses horror very loosely or as I like to call as a sub-genre. Horror is always a favorite  for any human being whether if your watching it or reading it. Horror provides us with respect for the supernatural beings and the good thing is that on Smash words it has sub-genres. Well in the website I’m creating I have the branch of fiction divided into 3 sub-genres (No halloween isn’t in it) and they are:

  1. Paranormal(Ghosts)
  2. Vampires
  3. Werewolves
  4. Undead(Zombies). 



What to get your significant other on Valentines day

So Valentines day is a week away (wow that was fast). A lot of people give their significant other (Boy friend , wife, husband, girlfriend) the typical gifts which is obviously chocolates, a letter professing their love for each other( or even a poem… I don’t know if they do that anymore) and teddy bears but what if you were dating a book nerd? What kind of book would you get for him or her? Well for one thing don’t get them a repeated book. Make sure you take a picture of the library of books (even if its a series of 14 books) so that they don’t have even a repeated series because happily speaking they will sell it to some one who does have it.  Now I’m not saying that giving your significant other or friend chocolates, teddy bears or even a poem is wrong its just a thought to think out of the box when it comes to Valentines day. Sometimes when love comes around you got to get both creative and inventive to keep the flame of love ALIVE or EVEN THE DESIRE OF KEEPING YOU ALIVE even if your in the process of making him or her part of your life (EVEN IF ITS FOR A COUPLE OF YEARS).

For me when a deadline comes for my novels I use astrology

Well I’ve creating Ideas left and right. But when I do decide in releasing  a novel I use the 9 month plan. Ok so let me explain:

So way back when I figured out when women got initially pregnant in order to have their baby in the months January- December. But most importantly I ‘m a fan astrology so I use astrology or the 9 month plan to start my novel. Ok so say if I want to release the infamous novel called “Halloween special” on Halloween I would have to look towards what month officially the woman would’ve gotten pregnant at so she can have her baby under the sign of scorpio. So If I were to release the 1st series of the book “Halloween special” on halloween I would have to start busting out my ideas or the writing process in February.

I would also apply this to any of my novels really because I would either use the 1st 5 months putting the idea together then the 4 months putting the chapters together or the first 5 months writing it out and the 4 months cranking out ideas. It depends really on which I want to do first. But this mostly applies to the authors who want to compete in the competition called NANOWRIMO (CHECK MY ENTRY ON THAT).