Free books rock and where to find them

So if your not spender or don’t order books online like me always try finding free books from indie authors. Well now you’re going to be asking yourself and me “where do you find them at?” well I found a couple of good ones in a website called Smashwords ( , wattpad ( (, figment( for all of you fan fiction writers I got a website for all of you maybe you have heard of it and if your new to fan fiction well this is the site for you ( and quotev(

Tablio has an aplication free for download only on iphone or ipad because its only available for IOS  only i know it because I tried it with my android phone.  Sorry Quotev  and Figment doesn’t have any app available for download but i wish they did. But as for Wattpad and Smashwords do have an app available for both Android and IOS.